Here is the chicken you’ll be enjoying tonight, his name was Colin.

There is a common assumption that members of Slow Food are mostly earthy, crunchy hippies who subsist on a raw, vegan diet, but that is not the truth at all. As anyone can see just from our first meeting, the Slow Food community is made up of people who eat on all different points on the spectrum. We love our granola hippies just as much as we love our blood thirsty meat-eaters. What brings our group together is our desire to learn more about what we put in our bodies. It can be a daunting task, one that was just recently parodied in the miniseries Portlandia on IFC.

Let’s watch, shall we?

Going out to eat can be a challenge, but the Slow Food Movement is gaining momentum! There are more and more restaurants popping up that exemplify our ideals. Can you think of any in Boston?

Please share with your fellow Slow Foodies in the comment section!


4 thoughts on “Here is the chicken you’ll be enjoying tonight, his name was Colin.

  1. I’ve been dying to find some new options in Boston. I havent been yet, but there is a place called Mare in the North End. Apparently it has the Boston’s first all natural ingredient list. It looks a bit pricey, but may be good for a special night out!

    • Mare is supposed to fabulous! I haven’t been but my co-workers talk about it all the time – definitely worth the prices!

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