Fight the Nugget!

This is the meal that is expected to fill a child.

This is the meal that is most appetizing for a child.

This is the meal that is cheapest for a child.

This is the meal that is causing the fatigue and/or sickness of a child.

This is the meal that is sanctioned by the United States government for a child.

This is the meal that may kill a child.

Our civilization is coming to a tipping point. We are beginning to understand our impact on the planet and our generation will be first to step up and attempt to implement policy changes. However, what if we aren’t the generation to turn the tides?

This is why the meal above is so important. The school lunches in the education system now are unacceptable. What you see here is causing children to become sick, to become tired, to become addicted. There is almost no nutritional value in this meal. Why?

Well there are many answers and a heck of a lot of red tape.

Firstly, our government subsidizes inexpensive food sources, which encourages producers to cram things like high-fructose corn syrup into products as opposed to natural sugar. After all, the point of capitalism is to continuously grow in profit. Secondly, companies like Monsanto own the rights to most commercial seeds, which as a monopoly usually does, adopts a “my way or the highway” attitude, causing farmers to keep their heads down just to feed their families. Thirdly, there are hardly any farmers left in our country. Ann Cooper, a cook and School Lunch Reformer, states that there are 1.9 million farmers in the U.S. and 2.1 million prisoners. We have more criminals then those who provide us nourishment. Cooper also states that we spend approximately $3,500 keeping a criminal in prison for a year, but only $500 a year to feed a member of the youth.

This system is not healthy, just like the food on those plates. Kids are becoming disconnected with their bodies, because they are not being taught to be conscious of their health. Home economics is gone, so it’s easy to heat something up or get take out. No greenery in the lunches, so they don’t understand what vegetables are important for. Chicken in the shape of dinosaurs and portions the size of dinosaurs. These meals are not reflective of a healthy and happy lifestyle. Cut the fat from the system, and you will cut the fat from the kids.

We’ve been conditioned to accept the system given to us, but why choose to live with it?

To learn more, check out this video of Ann Cooper’s TED Talk

For more information or to become active in the cause please check out these links


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