A Message from the Director

So many people have asked me why this group is important, or why does Slow Food fit into the larger community of Northeastern?  I’ve always found it an easy question to answer: we all have to eat.  Eating is a basic animal instinct; it gives us our energy to live and prosper.  Food transcends generations, cultures, socioeconomic backgrounds, and even species.
As a brand new student group, we’ve certainly encountered our obstacles.  We even experienced difficulties simply getting recognized by Student Activities.  There’s no precedent set for how Slow Food NU is run; we don’t have big-ticket programs that have happened year after year to encourage more people to attend. 
The one thing we do have, though, is passion.  The wonderful students who are involved in our group come to every event we have and are always coming up with innovative ideas to get our name and cause out in the community.  We have members from all different backgrounds and all across the globe coming together for one simple thing: food.  It is inspiring to see a student group from the very beginning, growing with each meeting and event.  The laughs I’ve shared over the delicious meals we’ve consumed will be forever engrained in my memory.  Clearly, Slow Food NU has filled a void on-campus, something that encouraged me to start this group in the first place.
While I am graduating in a few weeks and taking my passion to another community, it is exciting to see all of the progress we have made so far.  Slow Food NU has already received so much support and guidance, from HEAT to PSA to Dining Services, and our upcoming programs are sure to be better each time.
I encourage you to ask yourself, how do you want Slow Food NU to look in the coming years?  Why do you believe becoming a socially conscious eater is important?  What does being a “Slow Foodie” mean to you?
If you yourself do not believe in the mission, how can we expect to incite true change?  I think it is time for a movement here on Northeastern’s campus, so let’s grow one.
I entered my senior year in August of 2010 with one goal in mind – to found Slow Food Northeastern University as a fully recognized student group.  After all the countless hours of preparation, presentations, and meetings, I am able to live my dream.  There are a few people I want to thank for all they’ve done to make Slow Food NU a reality, as I could not have done this alone.  My fantastic Executive Board, Frank Marino, Jamie Goldsholl, Erin McIver, and Zack Hanrahan, as they are the people who work tirelessly every day to make Slow Food blossom; Maureen Timmons, Director of Dining Services at NU, for all of her advice and letter of support for our student group; Frank, Jamie, and Lauren Olean for all of their help in founding our group.  And of course, I want to thank our members for getting involved, educating and inspiring me every single day.

Written by Nicole Zub, Executive Director Slow Food NU


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