David versus Goliath

Just a bit of inspiration from some unheard of guy you might know 🙂 Mr. Michael Pollan:

“…before the resurgence of farmers’ markets, the rise of the organic movement, and the renaissance of local agriculture now under way across the country , stepping outside the conventional food system was simply not an option for most people.  Now it is.  We are entering a postindustrial era of food; for the first time in a generation it is possible to leave behind the Western diet without having also to leave behind civilization.  And the more eaters who vote with their forks for a different kind of food, the more commonplace and accessible such food will become.”

I understand how daunting it can feel to be told that your diet needs to do a 180, and in no time at all. It makes sense that the organic movement has been met with some opposition; it is a fact grounded in human nature and biology. There are inextricably linked emotions to food, to the act of eating, to the chemistry of eating our current Western diet.  We are all in agreement that our current diet superficially tastes really good.  Sugar filled sodas, salty snacks, ice cream, and animal protein in large quantities may taste amazing, but there is legitimate evidence that this specific diet is dangerous, yes dangerous, to the well being of the human body. To initiate and sustain such a massive shift of the food economy, and in the eating habits of so many people, each one of us is faced with the decision every day, three times a day to be exact.

But here is where we all have to stop, simply relax and shake off the inundating pressure and responsibilities. As a long term goal, changing our entire industrial food complex with its trillions of dollars and endless sources of involved interest seems like a towering skyscraper made of titanium, and it seems as though all we have are sandbox toys. However, this is the beauty of the supposed challenge of our generation: to nonchalantly reverse our food industry and entrench sustainability and conservation into our government. WE yield all the power! If you change your actions and convince others to do the same, then our actions WILL change the world!

Peace & Good Eats

P.S. Read Michael Pollan’s In Defense of Food, it makes you think for yourself!

Written by Slow Food NU Director of Programming Zack Hanrahan


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