The Argument for Organic

Currently there has been an increase in the way some people care for food. For this reason organic food is gaining popularity, and more people are joining this initiative. Such power is based on foods made from traditional techniques that respect the environment and improve the health of its consumers.

In recent times, high demand for products has led to producing food industrially. Genetic research, grafts, and manipulation … these are some of the techniques used to create food design, much larger and more adaptable to all conditions. It is also an effective way to increase production and thereby to cover the demand. To achieve this it is also common to use chemical fertilizers and herbicides that are focused on that, production.

Organic farming is expressly getting away from all this and returning to natural farming techniques. That is, respect nature and its natural course. It is true that production is lower, but higher product quality. Organic foods are completely natural, and as such will have more benefits for the body, preventing allergies, poisonings and other disorders that many people are introduced because of the different substances used for food processing today.

Organic foods are free of waste and toxins, so their consumption does not suppose any risk to health. It is noteworthy that when food which has honored its time to maturity and growth, will have gained many more nutritional qualities than food-based chemicals. For this reason, consumption of organic foods bring us many more nutrients and antioxidants needed to protect our cells and maintaining proper health.

Another strong point of such foods is the lack of preservatives and dyes, which gives them greater benefits if possible. For these reasons it is advisable to begin to opt for organic products, as well as to improve our health and maintain a sustainable environment.

To find out where you can find fresh, organic and local food check out the area’s farmers market on the SFNU Calendar!

Written by Flavia Calvar

SFNU Director of Policy and Advocacy


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