Gone Fishing

Nothing gets done in August. It’s that time of year when practically an entire continent is on holiday and the majority of Americans get to take advantage of their one week vacation. Woo hoo! So we at Slow Food NU know that you all are busy soaking the last bit of summer in, before it’s time to get serious again.

Although you may be on vacation, the Earth is not. So why not print out this Seafood Watch Pocket Guide (via Monterey Bay Aquarium) so you can make more sustainable choices at that clam bake.

BTW– Monterey Bay tracks seafood by region. This guide is for the Northeast region of the U.S. To find the pocket guide for your region please visit Monterey Bay Pocket Guides.


One thought on “Gone Fishing

  1. Hey, are any of you guys doing the Slow Food $5 Challenge on Saturday? We have a group doing a potluck up in Beverly at 5:30 Saturday night if anyone wants to join us. Free – just bring a dish that serves 4-6 for $5. See tiny.cc/bevmeal for all the details.

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