Back to the Start

A new year (as a college student my year begins in Sept) is upon us. How do I know that? Well, pumpkin chai lattes are being advertised around Boston and the temperature dropped 20 degrees today. A new year brings forth reflection on the past.  I look around me and think, how did we get here?

As I start the year in my new position of Slow Food NU Executive Director I cannot help being overwhelmed with the scope of issues in the food industry that need to be addressed. How is it possible to cover GMOs, animal rights, food access, Farm Bill, urban agriculture, school lunch reform, food advertising, obesity crisis and on and on and on. But after our first meeting last night I feel a sense of calm. 

We broke into groups and shared the stories of our most memorable meals. This is it folks. This is how we get back to the start, by sharing our food stories and with the new year upon us, by creating our own food story together. When we all come to the table, we can make change. By honoring the food that we eat, by giving it the respect it deserves we are then in turn respecting ourselves and one another.


Eat Well Everyone

Erin McIver, Executive Director


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