5 Free Apps to Add Some Crunch to that Smartphone

So I have this fancy, shmancy iPhone and after reflecting on our time together since I bought it I’ve realized to my horror that I use it for more evil (texting, Facebook, Doodlejump, etc) than for good! I’ve decided to make my tech-savy phone a little earthy, crunchy by finding apps that should help me make better decisions in the grocery store and learn how to be more sustainable. Here is a list of some of the interesting ones I found.

1. Locavore (Free)- Understanding what’s in season is an important aspect of eating locally and thus eating sustainability. Locavore tells the user what’s in season in their area, where to buy it at local grocers and farmers markets and how to cook it!

2. Seafood Watch (Free)- This app was created by the Monterey Bay Aquarium, which is like- the authority on fish. This app provides a regional seafood guide based on your location and breaks down your choices from fish that’s good to eat, okay in moderation and what to avoid. There’s also a FishMap that you can share where you’ve found ocean-friendly restaurants and businesses.

3. iRecycle (Free)- If you don’t have a recycling bin in your residence hall or at your home/apartment check out iRecycle, which can locate and provide information on the recycling centers closest to you. Even if you do actively recycle, what about things like batteries? iRecycle can tell you how to recycle those tricky products and where to go to do so.

4. GoodGuide (Free)- The GoodGuide is a great guide for finding out the the impact of over 120,000 products. Just scan the barcode and the GoodGuide will provide a rating of how safe, sustainable and healthy the product is.

5. True Food (Free)- This app is dope. I’ve actually had this one for awhile and it provides lots of information on GMOs as well as a GMO Shopping Guide that allows users to see what brands may or may not be using GMO ingredients. You can also find GMO news and  resources about taking action against GMO practices!

Do YOU use any sustainable apps? What are they? Check out these apps and tell me what YOU think!


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