75 Healthy Snacks to Reach for During Finals

Hey dudes and dudettes!

I can’t believe it’s finals time already! We’ve had an awesome semester with Food Day, volunteering at Community Servings and feeding Occupy, watching documentaries, having Prof. Bosso speak with us, potlucks galore, sweet newsletters, intense discussion and obviously eating lots of good food!

I want to wish you all good luck on finals! Break a (chicken) leg on those papers and tests. Go home and eat your favorite treats, make holiday dinner and be with your friends and family.

Before you go, here is a list of 75 Healthy Snacks to Reach for During Finals!

1. Popcorn- Keep it natural and lose the move theatre butter

2. Kale Chips- A seasonally appropriate choice

3. Veggies- Baby carrots, sugar snap peas, bell peppers

4. Pita Chips- Make them on your own or pick some up at Wallastons

5. Salted Cucumber Slices- For the crunch you crave

6. Ants on a Log- An ode to childhood

7. Whole Wheat Pretzels- Get the pick crunchy kind to naw on while you study

8. Almonds- Great source of protein and fiber

9. Cashews- Unsalted is a healthier option

10. Whole Grain Crackers- Load up on fiber

11. Trail Mix- Make your own and get the perfect combination

12. Sunflower Seeds- Mindlessly chew away on this healthy snack

13. Peanuts- Protein helps you feel full so you won’t be distract by belly growling

14. Fruit Chips- Potatoes can hit the road

15. Veggie Chips- These are packed with nutrients for a healthy brain

16. Pickles- Don’t fill up too much on these, pickles are loaded with sodium

17. Salsa- Now the most popular condiment!

18. Hummus- Made with chickpeas, this is perfect with those pita chips

19. Guacamole- Don’t fret, avocados have the good kind of fat

20. Bean Dip- Can’t go wrong with this musical fruit- well… legume really

21. Spinach Dip- Keep this low-cal to fill up on nutrient rich spinach

22. Mustard- For those whole wheat pretzels of course

23. Greek Yogurt- Try freezing it or using it as a dip

24. Fruit Salsa- Who said salsa had to be savory?

25. Cheese- Go for those string cheeses, they’re more fun

26. Broccoli- Helps with memory function

27. Cantaloupe- Skip the fruit snacks

28. Olives- Need something salty? Eat these instead of the chips

29. Tomato Slices & Olive Oil- Add some fresh mozzarella, you got yourself dinner

30. Grapefruit- Eating it will give you a break from studying

31. Edamame- Shake a bit of salt over these for more flavor

32. Cottage Cheese & Pineapple- Perfect for protein

33. Kiwi- Slice in half and just eat with a spoon!

34. Melon Balls- Watermelon, cantaloupe and honeydew

35. Fruit Salad- Mix your favorite fruits to satisfy that sweet tooth

36. Granola Bar- So many varities, it’s sure to please

37. Dark Chocolate- So many antioxidants

38. Dried Apricots- Dried fruit gives the allusion of fruit gummies

39. Strawberries- Hmmm…maybe dipped in dark chocolate?

40. Orange Slices- Don’t catch cold, get that Vitamin C

41. Raisins- Can’t stop poppin’ them

42. Blueberries- Considered a super food

43. Pomegranates- Nature’s candy

44. Fruit Leather- Fruit Roll Ups got nothing on these

45. Water- Stay hydrated without the calories

46. Cranberry Juice- Skip the cocktail, make sure it’s all natural

47. Orange Juice- Ward off illness with a big glass

48. Soy Milk- A great alternative to milk

49. Tea- Green and black varieties are good for your health

50. Coffee- It’s okay in moderation, so be careful!

51. Fat Free Yogurt- A great alternative to ice cream

52. Fruit Smoothie- Don’t fill up on a heavy breakfast, try this instead

53. Frozen Grapes- Easy snack to throw in a baggy for Club Snell

54. Fruit Popsicles- Make sure they’re all natural

55. Parfait- Better than an ice cream sundae

56. Frozen Banana- Dip in honey and maybe some nuts too

57. Applesauce- Stick to unsweetened

58. Rice Cakes- Dress these up with all natural nut butter

59. Graham Crackers- Better than eating cookies

60. Bran Muffin- This will keep you full while studying

61. Apples- Slice ‘em up and through on some almond butter

62. Fruit Cup- Stay away from unnatural options packed in syrup

63. Banana Bread- Got leftover Outtakes bananas? You know what to do

64. Carrot Bars- Great source of vitamins and fiber

65. Cereal Bar- Made with whole grain cereals for a healthy, convenient treat

66. Sugar Free Jello- Not very healthy, but better than cookies or cakes

67. English Muffin Pizzas- Throw on veggies to back in more nutrients

68. Tuna- Those whole-grain crackers are looking a little bare…

69. Hard Boiled Eggs- A little salt, some pepper and a whole lot of protein

70. Side Salad- Who said salad can’t be a snack?

71. Oatmeal- This will fill you up for a while- don’t forget to toss in some fruit!

72. Lettuce Wraps- Wrap up other veggies, brown rice or low-fat meats

73. Baked Potato- Top with olive oil and veggies

74. Veggie Pocket- Load up on your favs in a pita pocket

75. Corn on the Cob- Throw on some lime and cumin and pretend its summer


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