Chips and Salsa for Real

So I am a California girl through and through. Back home there is one snack one simply cannot live without: chips and salsa. Now this common but delectable treat can come in all shapes and sizes, tastes and textures, etc and etc. You can always go for the bagged chips and store bought combo; however, I have to say, that’s just not how my community likes to roll. We make our own salsa and chips. By making your own raw salsa, you’re allowing all of the ingredients to speak for themselves in lovely collection of fruits and vegetables. Although, the healthy qualities of a homemade salsa is quickly cancelled out by the obscenely delicious deep fried tortilla chips with fresh parmesan grated on top. Why do we add parm on Mexican food? Because its awesome, and I am always down for a little Latino-Italiana fusion if you catch my drift.  Below you’ll find a few of my favorite salsa recipe and my recipe for tortilla chips. Enjoy!

Peach Habanero Salsa

2 peaches, diced
1 red onion, diced
2 heirloom tomatoes, diced
1 orange bell pepper, diced
1-2 Habanero chilies (depends on how spicy you want it), finely, finely, finely chopped
6 limes
1 lemon, juice and zest
2 tbsp cider apple vinegar
Sea salt
½ bunch of finely chopped cilantro

Juice the lemon and limes. Soak diced onion in lime/lemon zest for 10-20 minutes to take the raw onion flavor out of the onion. Mix with everything else.

Deep Fried Tortilla Chips

Peanut Oil (for some reason its supposed to be healthier; however, if you’re deep frying anything, health should not be a part of your concern)
Tortillas, chopped into 8ths (with no more than 8 inches in diameter, you can use corn, whole wheat or flour)
Parmesan Cheese
Sea Salt

Pour oil in a wok, should be about 3-5 inches. Heat oil to 375F over medium high heat, then reduce to maintain that temperature. Frying the tortilla wedges in batches, as to not overcrowd the pan, cook until golden brown, about 5 minutes, turning them once. Drain on paper bag. Sprinkle salt and cheese on while still hot. Allow to cool down.

Don’t Forget the Tequila

If you are of age, of course.

Written by Slow Food NU Member

Meg Lazar


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