Slow Food NU Joins HOWL

Slow Food NU is proud to announce that it is a member of HOWL, Huskies Organizing With Labor.

Since January I’ve been working with a group of student organizers working to make the student body aware of the countless human rights abuses of intimidation and harassment, of poverty wages and of bad food being prepared in the dining halls.

I could tell you more about those things, but I think that is best left for the workers. It is time we finally hear their voices. And you can, tonight Campus Cafeteria Workers Speak Out from 7-9pm in 10 Bk.

I’ve had the opportunity to hear the workers to stand behind them as they step up to the administration. I admire their strength and courage as they take a serious risk in forming a perfectly legal union. How sad is that? Luckily, they have numbers on their side and I’m honored to be just  one of those many numbers. Slow Food NU is honored to be part of the organizing coalition.

Slow Food NU believes if good, clean and FAIR food. 

We know the workers are not being treated fairly.

We know the workers are not being paid fairly.

We know opportunities for workers to advance are not fair.

We know that administration’s stance on neutrality is not fair. They say they will allow Chartwells and the workers to engage in constructive conversations. You think after years of abuse Chartwells is interested in being constructive? In being polite? In being courteous, understanding, accommodating?

We know. We know what’s going on.

Show your support for the cafeteria workers. Like the HOWL page and don’t forget to sign the petition.

Written by Slow Food Executive Director, Erin McIver


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