Fresh Tomatillo Salsa

In this week’s medium CSA box there were plenty of tasty veggies, and among them the ingredients to make salsa! I’d never made salsa before, but it was really quick and easy.

I quartered the four tomatillos that had come in the box, roughly chopped half of an onion and two cloves of garlic, threw it all in a blender and added a lime and a half worth of lime juice. A quick blend on the chop setting got it close to the right texture. Then I added in the two hot peppers from the CSA and five of the seeds, along with about half a cup of cilantro. A second and final blend got it to the perfect consistency. The recipe I was looking at said to boil it until it got to a relish-y consistency, but I really like the delicious-raw-freshness without the extra cooking. I ended adding five more pepper seeds for a little more bite, and it’s practically perfect!



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